Players skating

Applied Skills


Refine the basics, Crank the speed, Apply to Game Situations.
Thursday 9:15-10:15PM
16 Spaces Max (9 classes)
May 3 to June 28  – $150

Applied Skills

Challenge your edgework, move the puck at speed and improve your playmaking

This class is a fast paced skate that builds on the basics to apply them to game situations. Think on your feet and move fast! Intermediate skaters and above.  We’ll refine basic stride and edge techniques to improve balance and quickness and work on doing everything at speed. We’ll work on situational awareness, passing, and smart positional play, with a focus on getting the puck to the net and honing that goal-scorers instinct.

All Classes are Co-Ed, First Come First Serve with a Max of 16 Skaters