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Sparkle’s provides solid hockey training and theory, while keeping classes fun and as inexpensive as possible. The Basics – Skating, Puck Control, and Team play – are always the focus, using a combination of old-school drills and up-to-date instruction.

In the Beginning…

In 2004 a group of friends decided they wanted to learn to play hockey. The whole point was for them to get together once a week and do something fun, something physical, and to figure out what the hell this hockey thing was all about anyway.

They found that many of the existing hockey schools were more intense, further away, and more expensive than they had planned for. Knowing that Sean had played competitively and also coached from a young age, they asked if he could teach some beginner classes. He said: “Sure!” And Sparkle’s Hockey Academy for Ladies and Gents was born.

Why Sparkles?

Beginner skater, league rookie, or seasoned veteran, if you want to improve your game you need to build on your basics. Over the last 13 years, the Sparkle’s system has been developed to allow players of all levels to clean up bad habits, build on the basics, and add new skills in a no-pressure and fun environment.

No, I mean why “Sparkle’s”?

Not much else rhymes with ‘Markle’

Sean ‘Sparkle’ Markle’s mother went into labor in an Arena while operating the scoreboard for his Father’s hockey game. Sean has been playing goal for almost 35 years, and has been learning, coaching, teaching, and living the game of hockey in some form or other ever since. A veteran student of uncounted hockey schools and some seriously competitive hockey, he is an accredited goaltending instructor and the P.A. Voice of the Toronto Furies.

If you want to join us on the ice, sign up for one of the regular classes! Or drop us an email to see if we have a walk-in space. You can even book a private skate for yourself or your team.

We hope to see you on the ice!

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Sean ‘Sparkle’ Markle, Instructor

Sean Markle

Fully Poseable Action Figure
Pucks and Cones included!

Rob Yoshida, Instructor

Rob Yoshida

Fully Pose-able Action Figure
Now with Laser Pass Action!

What are hockey players saying about Sparkle's?

  • Sean is a fantastic, non-judgemental, and patient teacher who is invested in each individual skater. Although targeted at beginner skaters, the lessons are modified and tailored to the skill set of the skaters attending the session. The hour long weekly skating, passing, and shooting drills are organized, fun, and entertaining. Not only an enjoyable hour, but also a great workout and tremendous value. Starting off as a novice skater, I have seen my skill and confidence grow exponentially. Thanks Sean and Rob
  • I started to learn how to skate at the age of 42. I bounced around from program to program without much success. And then I signed up with Sean. The improvement was instantaneous and, within weeks, I was doing things I would never have imagined I was capable of doing (think backward cross-overs). Sean strips everything down and focuses on the fundamental skills required to skate and play hockey. He then intelligently raises the level of difficulty as you start to adapt. With the help of Rob, he is able to give you the personal attention required to help you along. And he does it with such enthusiasm - week after week, year after year. I have been with Sean for four years now. And I am able to play hockey with my 8-year old son. Heck, I am even able to coach him based on what I have learned from Sean. If you want to learn to skate and play hockey, or even sharpen your existing skills, this is the best gig in town.
  • I spent my whole life playing rugby in Argentina and never tried ice hockey until I took the Sparkles class at age 38. I didn't know how to skate but Sean was patient and enthusiastic and helped me improve my skills quickly. In a year I was playing in a hockey league and could challenge people who had been playing for years. I'm very happy I started with his classes because he's a very good teacher and person. I highly recommend him for any level.
  • As a 43-year-old low-intermediate hockey player who has taken very good hockey lessons elsewhere, I'm happy to say that from my very first class I took away information that had an immediate impact on improving the efficiency of my stride. Sean and Rob pay very close attention to the students and are able diagnose issues and provide useful advice on the spot. I can honestly say I learn something new and important in every class, whether it be related to skating, handling the puck, passing, or shooting.