Puck It.
8:15 pm to 9:15 pm
May 4, 2017

An entire hour with the puck!

You can never have enough puck time, so here’s your chance to bank a little!

Skaters from Sparkle’s ‘Mighty Mondays’ will find this a good challenge – you’ll need solid footwork to get the most from this skate. Sparkle’s Thunder Thursday veterans will love the puck time! All aspects of puck control, movement, passing and of course, Shooting will be covered.

We’ll start at your basic handling technique, work pick-ups, 1-on-1, passing, movement and finally how to put it in the net. You won’t get this kind of puck-time in beer league!

All Classes are Co-Ed, First Come First Serve with a Max of 16 Skaters.